About Us


It's simple. We love people and we love health. Our desire is to provide our community with the healthiest and most nutritious food for our bodies and busy lives. At Blended Acai, we believe everybody has the right to feel amazing inside and out.


We are blessed to live in a world where we have access to the world's most powerful superfoods. Superfoods have the ability to transform a person's body and overall wellness. Come get some of the good stuff. You'll thank yourself. 





Anntonette founded Blended Acai from her mission to make a difference in people's health through plant based foods. When Anntonette discovered fitness and yoga, it sparked a desire to find foods that are super nutritious and delicious to fuel her body. Her love for healthy food has blossomed and she now wants to scream it from the rooftops, or better yet, she wants to let people try it for themselves. Blended Acai is a  more than just a food truck. It's a place where Anntonette spreads love and health with delicious, energy-giving food. Bring your co-workers, family, friends, or visit solo. Come as you are and start the journey toward a blissful and healthy life with Blended Acai.